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On Sunday, August 13, 2006, the Big Bend Ghost Trackers spent the night at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Windsor Hotel and monitored several areas of the hotel where strange sightings have occurred. Among the areas where they performed the investigation was the third floor hallway, where legend says that the ghost of a little girl, daughter of a former housekeeper, runs laughing at night. Both the housekeeper and the little girl lived at the hotel and were pushed down the elevator shaft in the early 1900’s. The third floor hallway is also the place where, in August of 2005, Turner South recreated the story of the little girl ghost for its Blue Ribbon Show. Other areas of the hotel were also investigated, such as old staircases, the basement, the attic, guestrooms, the Grand Dining Room and the kitchen.

The ghost hunters came fully equipped. They had flashlights, thermometers, cameras, tape recorders, infrared equipment and electromagnetic monitors, and were looking for signs of a haunting. Betty Davis, leader of the Big Bend group has a positive feeling about the Windsor being haunted and hopes to be able to classify the Windsor as a “Certified Haunted Hotel”. According to Davis: “It looks like the Windsor will get an authentication of a haunting”.


Davis personally investigated the third floor hallway where, according to her, she felt the most ghost activity among all areas of the hotel. The investigation on the third floor started at around 10pm, when light bulbs were unscrewed and two infrared cameras were set. While the cameras were on, Davis started singing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” to catch the attention of the little girl. Shortly after, Davis felt a sudden chill and her thermometer immediately picked up a drop in temperature of 4 degrees, while at the same time one of the cameras picked up the image of three orbs skipping down the hallway.


At that moment Davis felt the presence of the little girl there with her. Davis and other team members also saw one of the unscrewed bulbs turn on by itself, and they heard the voice of a woman and cry of a baby while investigating the third floor.
Another friendly ghost was also on scene this past Sunday: the silhouette of Floyd Lowery was seen on the third floor by the ghost hunters. Floyd worked at the Windsor as a doorman and elevator man for forty years.

Floyd was known for being a very friendly employee that loved the Windsor and his job. It is likely that Floyd is still wandering around the hallways of the Windsor, because he so loved the Windsor that he doesn’t ever want to leave. Citizens of Americus that have met Floyd, say he was known for being a very cordial employee who greeted every guest that came in the Windsor, and took pleasure in his job. According to the Windsor management, Floyd is always going to be welcome at the hotel.

When asked why the Big Bend picked the Windsor to investigate, Betty Davis said that she sensed that the Windsor could be haunted and that she somehow was drawn to this beautiful historic hotel.

The Big Bend Ghost Trackers perform investigations in historic sites as a passion and not as a job, and they do so because they believe that death is not the end. The Big Bend members also believe that everybody has a sixth sense; people just need to have the mindset and openness to use it. When asked if they are afraid of evil spirits and what they do to protect themselves, they said that they carry crucifixes and rosaries with them when ghost hunting, and that they always form a circle of meditation to ask for protection before an investigation.